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Skills Development

This training group is designed to help players develop technical proficiency and gain increased motor coordination with the ball. Ball mastery is a key component in high performance and players that become comfortable while moving with the ball are able to process and make decisions faster and with more information than players who are not technically sound.

Areas of Focus

  • Control – passing and receiving with proper technique
  • Ball Striking – learning how to make contact with the ball using different surfaces to gain power and accuracy
  • Dribbling – moving with the ball gaining coordination in multidirectional movement as well as gaining speed and control in a linear direction
  • Ball Mastery – footwork and coordination to aid in preparing to receive, pass, dribble, shoot. Technical speed requires quick feet.
  • Balance – movement with the ball under pressure from opponents relies on gaining strength/balance

Skills Development Program (U7 Boys and Girls) - Monthly $90


Skills Development Program (U7 Boys and Girls) 2x Week $160


Skills Development Program (U7 Boys and Girls) Drop In $30